Lewis Walker Roofing offers a 20-year material warranty and a 5-year workmanship warranty on all GAF TPO roofing!

Here is why a Lewis Walker Roofing GAF TPO Roof might be the right choice for you:

Energy Efficiency
In buildings that use natural gas, heat, and electric air conditioning, reflective TPO can save money on energy costs* compared to dark EPDM. This is true in the sunbelt as well as the snowbelt, thanks to the simple fact that the color of the roof only matters in sunlight. And when the snow melts, an EPDM roof becomes a dark, heat-absorbing sponge — just when you want to reflect sunlight away.

On average, electricity costs four times more per BTU than natural gas. That doesn’t even include electricity demand charges, which can account for 30 — 70% of a total electricity bill.

Puncture Resistance
Punctures often equal leaks. EverGuard® TPO offers greater puncture resistance than reinforced EPDM — up to three times the puncture resistance of non-reinforced EPDM of the same thickness.

Installation Convenience
TPO is a versatile membrane and can be installed in various ways, including mechanically attached, adhered, and with the RhinoBond® System. RhinoBond® is an electromagnetic induction welding system that cannot be used with thermoset products like EPDM. It’s a great way to achieve the look and performance of an adhered system when it is too cold to use adhesives.

GAF offers many different adhesives to install smooth and fleece-back membranes, including low-VOC options. Install fleece-back TPO as low as 25°F with LRF M Low-Temperature Adhesive.

TPO is thermoplastic, so you can heat-weld seams, and it’s ideal for repairs. Clean the membrane and heat-weld directly to it. EPDM cannot be welded or re-taped when the weather is too cold to use primer and adhesives, requiring a temporary fix until the weather warms up.

Dimensional Stability
TPO has better dimensional stability than EPDM. EPDM is more likely to shrink, which can cause various problems on your roof.

Seam Strength
An effective roofing system depends on strong seams. EverGuard® TPO’s welded seams are more robust than taped EPDM seams. By welding the seams, TPO becomes one monolithic membrane across the entire roof.

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